Services Q & A

Below are answers to common questions about marketing, website design, advertising, project management and other creative services offered by K2 Evolution, LLC. If you don’t find an answer here, please contact us.

Can I maintain my own website?
Yes. We offer a variety of options for design, maintenance and website hosting. We can set your site up to be maintained by you, your staff or us. We can also host, update and/or maintain your current website.
Can you update my current website?

Yes. In most cases we can take over maintenance or hosting of your current website. Please contact us for more information about these services.

Will I retain ownership of logos or graphics designed for me by K2 Evolution?

Yes. All artwork created for you or your company becomes your property upon final payment. We do not retain intellectual property rights or other legal control over these works.*
*Purchase of  third party photography or music is subject to the copyright and licensing agreement of that entity and may incur additional long term costs.

Can you modify my existing logo to look more professional?

Yes, provided you are the sole copyright owner of the logo and retain all rights to the existing artwork.

Can you help me create or improve my email database?

Yes. There are many ways we can help you build a customer email database for use in online advertising campaigns, emails and newsletters.

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